Approaching Trusted Resources

  • Often, it can be challenging to approach sources of help due to worries over confidentiality and how you may be received. It is important to find resources that will allow you to describe the issue you are facing while being met with respect and understanding.

  • Turning to a trusted official or community leader is an important first step in the process of addressing potential cases of radicalization. Whether you speak with an imam, teacher, law enforcement official, organization head, or family members willing and able to handle this matter, remaining honest and open with individuals entrusted to evaluate each case is critical to allow analysis of the situation on a case-by-case basis with all necessary information. Many nongovernmental organizations and crisis resources have established processes to determine whether it is appropriate to escalate a case to law enforcement and can offer systemic or social protections to those who have decided to report a case of suspected extremism.

  • Because we believe that the overall mental health of our communities is paramount in challenging extremism of all kinds, we encourage you to leverage the expertise of faith leaders, cultural organizations, civil rights advocates, social workers, academia, and mental/public health resources that service our community.





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