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We want to hear from you? The American Muslims Against Terrorism and Extremism (AMATE) Initiative seeks to create effective partnerships and relationships that help combat violent extremism in our communities. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Addressing Scope of the Problem to understand the extent of violence extremism in our communities and work towards eliminating the issue
  • Identifying Causes and Consequences to identify the reasons violent extremism occurs in our communities
  • Evaluating Prevention and Intervention Methods and Techniques to determine the effectiveness of interventions used by "credible and authentic" Muslim voices.
  • Communicating via social media and other online platforms as well as discussion groups  in an effort to eliminate violent extremism
  • Partnership and Support working with key Islamic groups, religious organizations, educational institutions, think tanks and other philanthropic groups that are focused on finding methods and techniques that reduce and eventually eliminate extremism

Have a Friend of Family Member that Needs Help?

In the event that you or someone you know demonstrated a need to receive immediate assistance to discuss a personal issue related to radicalization or its aggravating factors, it is advisable to refer to the below resources for further help. Please note that the below hotlines are not a substitute for professional help.

  • Masjid Muhammad-24-Hour Hotline: (202) 483-8832
  • Parents for Peace, an independent, non-government organization that helps those at risk of radicalization, offers a helpline that you can call for support at 844-49-PEACE. (844-497-3223).
  • The rapid response crisis hotline Crisis Text Line can be used for moments of critical need.
  • In crisis and in the U.S.? Text HOME to 741741.





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