Muslims that reside in America are one of the most ethnically diverse groups in the country. Followers of this Abrahamic faith are comprised of immigrants, refugees, as well as those indigenous to our native land. To date, Masjid Muhammad, located in the heart of Washington, DC and its nationally associated community has had zero incidents of violent extremism; making them a viable partner to organizations and institutions looking to combat extremism. Masjid Muhammad seeks to use their methodology that includes, the Quran, the life example of Muhammad the prophet, and over 40 years of aggressive anti-radicalization techniques and tools, that has created a culture of inclusiveness, to change the conversation in certain communities and to educate the world-over on the fundamental teachings of the faith. A faith that adamantly opposes radicalization and extremism in any form.

American Muslims Against Terrorism and Extremism Initiative (AMATE) is a collation of Muslim and Non-Muslim Americans who are dedicated to end violent extremism. The group understands that the “credible and authentic” voice of Muslims is a powerful tool to address the issues that currently plague the daily issues of the terrorism conversation throughout the world. The mission of the first campaign entitled #ENOUGHISENOUGH is to create positive counternarratives that combat negative messages online.


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As with Christianity, Judaism and any other of the world’s great religion, there is no single way Islam is practiced and observed. There are Muslims in every country in the world, and their particular interpretations of the Quran and their faith are as varied as the societies in which they live in, many of which are influenced by their histories and the politics around them.


What do Muslims believe?

Read this short primer which explains the basic beliefs of the Islamic faith.


Does Islam support terrorism?

No. The Quran clearly prohibits the killing of innocent individuals. Specifically, in Chapter 5, verse 32 it states, “We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person –unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land—it would be as if he killed all of humanity; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved life of all of humanity.


Why do women cover their hair?

The Islamic faith and tradition encouraged both men and women to be modest in their dress and behavior. As a matter of practicality this has been interpreted differently throughout the Islamic world and seen in the various cultural expressions that Muslims throughout the world cover themselves which varies throughout the world.


Islamism/Islamist versus Islam as a terminology, what does this mean?

Islam is a faith tradition practiced by 1.5 billion Muslims and historically has been a deeply personal and a spiritual pathway to understand the creator. Though imperfect and an evolving terminology to differentiate between the faith tradition of Islam and criminals like the Islamic State and al-Qai’da, we define that Islamism/Islamist is political ideology that seeks to impose a narrow and draconian interpretation of Islam that brutal and deadly tactics to impose their version of Islam. Normative Islamic traditions blatantly reject their appeal and motivations.


What is Jihad?

The greater jihad is the ongoing struggle within ones soul to be a better human being and to ward off the temptation to do the right thing in life. Most scholars of the Islamic tradition are in agreement that the lesser jihad is the outright engagement in warfare that offers numerous stipulations and requirements including protecting the environment, and in the modern context has no grounds or basis for such an effort on an individual.

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