Additional Informational Resources


A Pakistani social movement that promotes a democratic culture to counter terrorism.

Hayat Germany

A German counselling programme for persons involved in radical Salafist groups.

180 Grad Wende

A Cologne-based initiative that intervenes to prevent violent extremism and radicalization.

Connect Futures

Teaches critical thinking and debating skills to prevent violent extremism.

KRIS Library

A Philippine project that builds libraries and promotes interfaith initiatives to counter violent extremism.

Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum

A nonpartisan, youth-led and faith-based development organization that promotes dialogue and development.


A theological initiative to refute extremist interpretations of Islam.


A project led by British Muslims to denounce ISIS and refute its ideology and narratives.

Brennan Center for Justice Resource Page-New York University School of Law

A resource page for journalists, policy-makers, and the public about Countering Violent Extremism programs.





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