How to Intervene with Friends or Family

Observing the following signs of behavior may be concerning to you and prompt a desire to intervene either directly with the individual in question or through a third party:

  • Sudden and concerning behavior changes linked to a newfound intensification of faith or beliefs

  • A sudden withdrawal from social activities, school, family gatherings, etc.

  • Expressions of hostility against a certain group, nationality, faith, or other affiliation

  • Outbursts or declarations of aggression against individuals or institutions

  • Consuming extremist media online

  • Demonstrating a dramatic increase in interaction with online contacts through private or hidden channels on social media

  • Espousing extremist beliefs or discriminatory viewpoints against particular groups, individuals, or ideologies

  • A desire to commit acts of violence

It is important to recognize, however, that any demonstration of the above signs may be an indication of other personal issues an individual may face that are unrelated to radicalization. Therefore, carefully evaluating the above factors in combination with each other and referring to official resources are important considerations.





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